Casimir Dickson ACS Cinematographer Joins the team

We are thrilled to have Casimir Dickson ACS join our team as Cinematographer. He brings with him a wealth of experience from many years behind the camera.

Casimir Dickson ACS was born in Australia and is of European descent. He spent some of his earlier schooling years in Europe, where he developed a love of photography and French film. His love for film led him to become an award-winning cinematographer in Australia and internationally, with over 25 years in the camera department.

Casimir’s extensive experience shows on set, with his calm, problem-solving and hardworking demeanour. Casimir specialises in Feature Films, TV Dramas, Documentaries and Commerical Work.

Since becoming accredited by the Australian Cinematographers Society in 2022, he has been in high demand due to his experience, technical skills and personality on set. With a passion for collaboration and being able to adapt to each project, Casimir has a bold visual style and an eye for storytelling within frames.