Erin Connor joins the cast of Piggy

We are so thrilled to announce that the beautiful and hard working Erin Connor has joined the cast of Piggy to play “Ruth”, the schools councillor.

Based in LA and Brisbane Australia, represented by Mark Measures of Kazarian Measures and Ruksin in the US. 

A star of the just released rom-com for the Hallmark Channel called ‘When Love Springs’ by The Steve Jaggi Company’ – playing Lyla Richards, also set for realease in 2023 ‘Double Or Nothing’ it’s an Australian version of the famed ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ – playing her own name sake Erin going head to head with Steve Mouzakis ‘The Stranger’, Robert Rabiah ‘Irreverent’ , Vince Colosimo ‘Underbelly’ and John Jarratt ‘Wolf Creek’ . Additionally the much anticapated sci-fi action shot in Queensland Ausralia Erin plays a strong role of  ‘Thanner’ Space/Time (2017)

In post production the much anticipated ‘ANNO 2020’  shot in many locations Internationally, a raw look of life and relationships during the worldwide pandemic, Erin playing lead Vicki. 

Pre-production on ‘The Last Zombie’ feature is set for December 2023. 

Also in pre-production in Los Angeles for a beautiful feature called Robee and Oscar, Erin is set to play the  mum of James Paxton (son of Bill Paxton), a story of family, friendships and finding your way. 

AACTA Award-nominated actress. Her most recent role is as Jenny in the sci-fi action hit Occupation (2018) and Occupation 2: Rainfall (2020) alongside Temuera Morrison (Aquaman, Star Wars). Prior lead roles include Blanch the horror hit Beast No More (2019), Stephanie Rhodes in the comedy tv series Made For This (2018), Christina Bouchard Neighbours (2016), Julie Nile in Rise (2016) and Jessica in the cult hit The Suicide Theory (2014). 

Erin is certainly very busy so we can’t wait to have her on Piggy.