A Film about community, loss, heartbreak and hope


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Attention all film enthusiasts and supporters of meaningful storytelling! We need your help to bring the feature film “Piggy” to life. “Piggy,” directed by the talented Matt Norman, is a thought-provoking and impactful film that tackles the sensitive topic of youth mental health and suicide. To ensure the production of this important project, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Creative Partnerships Australia – Australian Cultural Fund. By contributing to our campaign, you can play an integral role in creating a film that sparks conversations, raises awareness, and helps combat the stigma surrounding mental health. Join us in supporting “Piggy” and make a difference in the lives of young people. Visit our crowdfunding campaign page and donate today. Together, let’s make this film a reality and promote positive change through the power of cinema.


Encouraged by drama teacher Morgan, the local high school students embark on a theatrical twist of the classic nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy Went to Market.” Morgan, living in her Shakespearean actor father’s shadow, seizes this opportunity to redefine her own theatrical identity by infusing the story with an Australian dark setting and Shakespearean dialogue.

Among the students, Sarah, a talented but private soul, catches Morgan’s eye for her natural theatrical abilities. Persuaded to play the role of Piggy, a ‘victim’ facing bullying and a death sentence in their rendition, Sarah, perceived as ‘different’ by her peers, finds a psychological and therapeutic positive in expressing her talent on stage. However, the play’s storyline becomes an unwitting mirror of Sarah’s real-life struggles, as she grapples with relentless bullying at school, unbeknownst to Morgan and the school counselor.

The narrative gracefully weaves themes of community, loss, heartbreak, and hope, culminating in a deeply moving final stage performance. Addressing the pervasive issue of bullying faced by today’s youth, the story of Piggy resonates with households, offering a poignant commentary on overlooked challenges. Through the film, we aim to initiate crucial dialogues, foster empathy, and inspire change, confronting the distressing influence of bullying on young lives and society as a whole.


Matt Norman has been working in the Film Industry in Australia for over 20 years. First starting out as a Professional Actor, training at National Theatre Drama School, Matt spent nearly 16 years on Australian Television, Theatre, Television Commercials, Short and Feature length films. Matt‘s Filmmaking career started in the early 2000s where he made his first film “All the king’s horses”, a short feature starring John Flaus and John Brumpton.

Matt continued honing his craft with three more back to back Short Features, “The Writer” – Starring Kim Gyngell, Rob Carlton, Krista Vendy, Mel Butel, and John Flaus, “The Umbrella Men” (For Tropfest’s Best of the Rest) Starring Damien Walshe-Howling and Benji McNair, and “Shank” Starring Matt Norman and Rob Carlton.

Matt’s career then skyrocketed working up to his first Feature Length Documentary “Salute”, which was distributed through Paramount Pictures, Transmission, and Warner Brothers. Over the past 5 Years Matt has also Co-Authored two books “A Race to Remember” and in 2018 “The Peter Norman Story” through Macmillan Publishing.

Matt then Executive Produced the American film “The Third Man” with Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Matthew Heineman for ESPN Films.

All of Matt’s film projects have Won Critical Acclaim at both local and International Film Festivals.

Matt bellieves that “PIGGY” is the most important of his career. To tell a story that could help change the way children interact with each other and stop so much personal destruction would be amazing. This film is personal, I hope it will help young teenagers grow into better adults and see the effects bullying can have on their peers. If it helps stop that kind of behaviour then I’ll be really proud.