Help make this film a reality

Film projects like this take a lot of time and money to make. Films with heart and meaning also take a community to get behind. We are doing what we can to bring attention to a very serious national problem with Youth Mental Health awareness. This film is dedicated to our youth and giving them a voice to speak out about Mental Health issues, as well as serious problems around Youth Suicide, Bullying, Mental Health and many more youth related problems in society.

To help make this film a reality, we need your generous support. We are currently raising money with the help of the Australian Cultural Fund, which means any donation over $2 is 100% Tax Deductible. All proceeds will go directly to the making of the film from Pre-production, Production and Post Production. We really need the community to help us make this amazing film.

We now have the best cast we could hope for, we have the greatest crew we could ever need and now we need community support. If you or someone you know can give any amount, that will go a long way to making this film a reality.

To donate, please go to: