Legendary Australian Actor Robert Morgan joins the cast of Piggy

To say I’m excited is an understatement. Robert Morgan has been acting for Television and film since the early 1980’s. He doesn’t know this but I first met him on the set of Correli and Janus in the 1990’s when I was first starting out as an actor. I would watch Robert shine on set. To have him attached to this film is such a pleasure and honour.

Apart from literally being on every Australian show since the 1980’s, Robert has earned himself a great reputation in the USA playing opposite Brad Pitt recently on the film “Babylon”, Mel Gibson on the film “Hacksaw Ridge”, and Johhny Depp on “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”.

Robert’s career started back in the 1980’s on a show called “Waterfront”. Earning him roles on Anzacs, Carson’s Law, Special Squad and The Flying doctors.

ROBERT G MORGAN was born in Wales and grew up in country Australia.

For the better part of the last three decades Rob has been working in blockbuster Studio Films, intense Independent Features and Television, both nationally in the US and internationally.

Here are what critics have said about Robert:

“Robert Morgan…steals the show…he brings dignity and grace to his performance. It’s a wonderful performance by a sensational actor.”(How to Train Your Dragon) – DC METRO THEATER ARTS

“Rob Morgan gives a performance of boldness, simplicity and stark conviction, his has something of the looseness and intensity of John Malkovich.” (Seven Acts of Love) – Tim Robertson THE AGE

“A chillingly perceptive performance.” (Everynight, Everynight) – Zelda Cawthorne, HERALD SUN

“Daring, original and beautifully controlled in this film.” (Life) – Evan Williams, THE AGE

“A perfect showcase for the talents of Robert Morgan, the performance is devastating.” (Shadow Boxing) – Jason Romney, HERALD SUN

“Highlight of the series final is the guest star, Robert Morgan, his sensational performance is great.” (Stingers) – HERALD SUN

We are so thrilled to have him play TED in Piggy and can’t wait to work with him on this film.