Maria Nasrallah – Key Makeup Joins the Team

We are thrilled to announce that the amazing Maria Nasrallah has joined our team as Head of Department Hair and Makeup team. Maria will be in charge of getting our actors looking their best and will also take under her wing, several Year 11 and 12 students during the production phase of the film project.

Maria Nasrallah is known as @makeupbymaruzza on Instagram. She is a qualified Hair and Makeup Artist who has been doing makeup for 7 years and hairstyling for 2 years. Her portfolio consists of bridal, editorial, special effects, and onset movie work. She is currently doing a course specialising in advanced prosthetics makeup and she says…”I love doing special effects and creating characters”.

Maria worked with Director Matt Norman on the short film “FUMBLELOVE” late 2022. From there, Matt was committed to using her amazing talents on his future projects. It’s great to have someone with so much experience on set but more importantly someone who is such a hard worker.